We welcome you, traveler. Here you'll find a door on the other side of which lie countless unique stories told by people for people. On the pages of our digital magazine Mood of Life 365 we talk about our jobs, homes, families, worries and wishes and about what inspires us. Here we show you various countries and people who live here and tell their stories, their unique journey.


Mood of Life 365 is a digital magazine about lifestyles, people, countries, family and workplace traditions, food, books and movies and about everything which makes us different but binds us at the same time.

Also it's a pastry shop and online cafe, a vintage shop and a cozy blog.

In every issue you'll find many inspiring stories of people with different lifestyles, believes and experience, as well as various essays and high-quality artistic photos.

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Here we create beautiful and delicious organic meals with simple and accessible ingredients using our own recipes.

Bon appétit!

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In our vintage shop you'll find many unique things, each with its own story.
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Here you'll find small exclusive essays on various topics - from fashion and art to cooking experiments.

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